Rachael Peedom

Owner of The Sea Shanty villa, Jimbaran Bali

"Lianne is absolutely fantastic. Quite frankly, I'm really not sure what I would have done without her over the last 12 months. 

She is incredibly efficient, organised, intuitive, proactive and simply a pleasure to work with.

I would say, with absolute confidence, she is the best investment I have made for my business and my sanity ever!"

Alex Schumutterer

Founder and Director, Saakalya, Singapore

"It’s great to work with Lianne! She is reliable, fast, always on top of everything and very easy to get along with! I will miss you!"

Anu Shroff

Executive Coach and Facilitator, Singapore

"I have worked with Lianne for over a year (between 2015 and 2016) and she has been instrumental in helping me to set up my own practice after I resigned from my job.  Some of the key projects she handled include conceptualising and setting up my website, an accounting system, sourcing and formatting images for my quotes and designing my company logo.  


Besides being extremely efficient in all her tasks, Lianne constantly keeps up-to-date with the latest tools and applications to help entrepreneurs succeed.  She is always willing to share and recommend techniques on how to be more efficient in my processes and has given me wonderful advice on the essentials start-ups need.  


I was fortunate enough to meet Lianne during a networking event while I was still in employment and was immediately drawn by her authenticity, vibrancy and her love for her work.  She has been an invaluable support during my journey as an entrepreneur and I can safely say that I would not have had the courage to step into entrepreneurship if I did not have her support.  I would highly recommend Lianne to anyone who needs an efficient, motivated and dedicated virtual assistant."

Sam Lai Han

Founder, Life Coach, Change Advocate at Lifework Global (Singapore)

"Lianne came highly recommended by various coaches who have engaged her. When I first met her, she impressed me with her professionalism and her wide knowledge of modern tools that would help improved her own and her clients' productivity. Working with her for the last few months on rebranding my business, specifically my website and logo, she was creative, highly communicative, competent and ultra efficient. Thanks Lianne for making it so easy to work with you!"

Theresa Cotton

Owner and Designer, Boudoir & Beach (Singapore)

"I used Bright Admin Services to help launch my Facebook page.  Lianne was always on hand for creative contributions and ideas. I wouldn't hesitate to use her services again if needed."

Tracey Clark

Professional Organiser, Sorted (Singapore)

"I chose Bright Admin Services as I felt our personalities clicked, which I felt would be good going forward because it made me feel comfortable to ask questions about things I was unsure of.

I was amazed at how much can be accomplished in a very short time. The rate is also affordable for my small start up business.

I have found it very easy to work with Lianne and my questions are answered very quickly either through email or by phone.

I continue to work with Bright Admin Services so I can continue to grow my business and have recommended Lianne to many colleagues"

Jocelyn Alexander

The Helper Whisperer (Singapore)

"I wanted a booking form to email clients once they contacted me. Lianne listened to my needs, and created a really great form and I can't believe how affordable she was! I will definitely be using her for my IT/admin needs"

Sarah Schubert

Director, New Voice (Singapore)

"I worked with Lianne to get some clarity on how to best position my new re-vamped website. I had particular aims in mind and she supported these aims and advised on what to do by doing valuable research and analysing different options.


Lianne looks at things from an objective standpoint, she is able to see the path through the trees and simplify the complex. I am someone who often gets lost and stuck in the details, so Lianne was great at highlighting key next steps and keeping things moving along.


Whatever help you think you need, speak to Lianne as she will clarify and keep you focused to ensure you meet your goals."

Priya Naik

Founder & Design Director, Interior Design Journey, Singapore

"Lianne is great to work with, she understands your business and requirements then tailors her ideas based on this.

Lianne has helped me improve on my social media presence by creating a content calendar with key posts for each month which definitely helps and assisting in writing some posts as well as newsletters.

I would recommend her services!"

Pippa Green

Sussex Nightstop Manager, Brighton UK

"Lianne did some freelance work with Sussex Nightstop helping to design systems and databases for monitoring and recording information. Lianne was able to grasp the needs of the organisation and put in place systems that were straightforward to use and helped capture the information we needed it to in the easiest manner. Lianne worked flexibly and speedily to help us achieve what we needed, and was reliable and efficient in making any changes and adjustments as our organisation grew.".

Julia Harrison

Advice and Community Support Services Manager at the Youth Advice Centre, YMCA DownsLink Group (www.ymcadlg.org), Brighton UK

"Throughout all her roles within the YMCA, Lianne was an amazing colleague who was a pleasure to manage and work alongside.  Lianne was a highly professional person who achieved greatly in whatever role she was undertaking. She was always respected by her colleagues and was able to build effective professional relationships with partner agencies as well as clients.

One of Lianne’s greatest strengths was her knowledge base and attention to detail, keeping up to date with local and national strategy and legislation that was relevant to her work, and using this knowledge to empower her practice, developing service delivery and in supporting her colleagues.  Lianne was exceptionally talented in relation to databases and the creation of professional documents using Microsoft Office, and was able to train her colleagues to a proficient level and was patient when dealing with their enquiries and concerns.

Lianne was a very competent assessor, working in a holistic way to ensure she had the information required to make an informed decision, and over the years become more creative in the solutions she offered.  Lianne was very thorough in her work, producing clear and concise reports and outcome monitoring and always met her deadlines.

As a Senior Worker Lianne was a supportive manager, flexible in her availability yet maintained tight professional boundaries. She was able to maintain a very competent service and represented the organisation externally to partner organisations with dignity."

El Clarke

Previous Employer, Brighton UK

"Lianne is very easy to work with as she understands complex issues and can get to the detail quickly.  Her approach is fast and thorough.  She has a very good knowledge of Microsoft Office packages and created and designed Excel reporting systems for my organisation, being able to amend or develop them as needs have changed.  Whilst working for me she researched bespoke information systems and presented her findings to clearly demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses of each option.  We are now implementing changes to our systems on the basis of her research findings.  Our staff found Lianne very good to work with as she is helpful, patient and knowledgeable – she is also very responsive and can explain systems clearly, which makes her ideal to train others who may struggle with technology or not use it very often. 

 She has a good knowledge of social media and is an excellent communicator herself – both verbally and in written forms.  Lianne has a wide range of experience to draw from and her highly organised administrative skills are excellent."

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