Preparing for a break - tool #2

So now it's time for another tool that I'm super pleased to have been using over the last year and which will be a life-saver when I come back to work.

It's easy to feel like you are drowning in information. Whilst scrolling through the internet and on social media sites and there are just SO many articles that catch my attention and not all are work related.... over the last few months I've been sucked in by a lot of baby articles! Some are just too good to just flick through; if only I could save them somewhere, other than my already cluttered bookmarks bar...


What makes Pocket so special?

1. It is more than a bookmarks list - you can tag each URL with your own personally chosen tags. Some articles cross over various topics so it's great to be able to attach multiple tags to each page. I've often saved a bookmark under a particular title within my web browser, only to struggle finding it later! This way you can ensure all areas are covered.

2. There are multiple ways to save pages... via your mobile or your laptop.

You can open on your laptop and use the 'plus' button to add webpages. However, the next two ways are ones which I have found to be the easiest and quickest!

With Google Chrome you can add Pocket as an extension and it will appear in the top bar at all times, ready and waiting for you to save links. You can also open Pocket using this button. However, if I'm on a page that I want to save, there's no need for me to open Pocket. I can click on the Pocket icon and this box appears (see image) allowing me to add tags. It takes seconds :)

To download the Google Chrome Pocket extension (and many more) click here.

I have Pocket downloaded as an app on my iPhone too so any articles I find whilst scrolling on my phone I can also save, just as easily.

All you need to do is click on 'share' (please note the example below is for an iPhone), then select Pocket, if you want to add tags just click on the tag icon. Ta da! All saved in your 'Pocket'. Links are accessible on your phone and on your laptop.

3. Viewing your bookmarks is super easy. Open or via your mobile phone app and you can easily see all your saved pages. Select a tag and the pages relating to this are listed.

Not only can you view articles by tag, you can also take a look at all the videos or images you have saved. You can view your links in a list format or as tiles on the page (to do this see the next point).

4. Managing your saved links couldn't be easier! When you click on a saved link, you will see the following icons:

There are so many options, all at a click of a button!

You can change the tags for a link or add the page to your favourites list, making it even more accessible to you. You can even archive links keeping your list even more relevant.

From Pocket you can also share to Twitter or Facebook, or email to a friend. Why not recommend a page too to help other Pocket users see relevant articles?

With so many web based productivity tools out there, the true winners are those that can be used on your mobile as well as laptop. This is why I love Pocket; it is accessible, easy to use and keeps everything in order.

Why is Pocket going to help me when I come back from maternity leave? Well, not only will it provide me with some night-feed reading, I can ensure I have articles saved that will help me get back on track as a VA/freelancer next year when I return to work. I can save articles which will inspire me, teach me new skills and keep me up to date with the latest news. I can also keep saving links during maternity leave so I don't miss out! I may not have time to read everything now but I know that when the time comes I'll have some great articles at my fingertips!

Why not start 2017 off the right way by having a New Year tidy of your bookmarks. Keep the links you need daily, i.e. to your email, cloud storage, calendar stored on your bookmarks bar but use Pocket for your saved link storage of the future. You won't regret moving towards using this tool. The only thing you might struggle with is having the time to read all the fab links you've saved!

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