Dare to delegate

How being a perfectionist can hold back your ability to delegate.

I’m a perfectionist. No doubt about it; I strive for perfection. Nothing wrong with that, I hear you say. But I used to be an unhealthy perfectionist. I didn’t delegate, I put immense pressure on myself to do everything (perfectly) and it caused a lot of stress and anxiety. I had to learn to let go and once I did it was a revelation.

As a business owner you have to wear many hats (a book keeper, marketer, administrator, negotiator, designer… to name just a few). As good as it is to learn how to run a business inside and out, you will soon need to take into consideration that you can’t do everything. You are not superman/woman (sorry if that sucks… you can still wear a cape if you want to!).

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re super busy but you’d rather struggle than let anyone else help?

  • All tasks seem so much bigger than what they really are and take much longer?

  • You can’t delegate as you feel the job won’t get done properly?

Remember: delegation = freedom to do what you do best.

Things to consider when delegating…

Is the task utilising your best skills?

Everyone has their own skill set and our best option during our work day is to only do the tasks we are best at. This could be talking to your customers, attending and networking at events, growing your business and seeking out opportunities. With running a business, this isn’t always the case and we get bogged down with other tasks that we’re simply not good at or that take us too long to complete. If there is a task which you struggle with or is always at the bottom of your to do list, pass it on. Delegate.

Another way to look at it: you can earn more doing what you are skilled at. Delegate menial tasks to someone else and you’ll be better off.

The instructions you give at the initial stage of delegation

Making everything clear at the start will help in the long run. Seems self-explanatory but how many times have you passed on work, only to wish that you’d been clearer about what you wanted? It might take longer at the beginning but it’ll be worth it believe me.

The person you delegate to

It’s important to think about the following, as well as choosing someone you trust and get on with. Have they got the skills and expertise to take on the job? Will they be able to get your support along the way? Do they have the time to complete the task?

Outcomes may be different… but in a good way

When you delegate the outcome might be different, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Don’t forget, if you’ve chosen the right person to delegate to you’ll be benefiting from their skills so be open to suggestions and you might be surprised at what you both create.

Remember, perfectionism isn’t all bad. It drives your success and provides motivation. Just don’t let it become unhealthy and inhibit your ability to delegate.

If you have tasks that you’d like to delegate to me please get in contact. I’d love to be your sidekick!

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