I charge an hourly rate, track my time, round up or down to the nearest 15 minutes and send you a time report with your invoice so you can see a full breakdown. I am very quick so can probably get more out of an hour than you think!

By project

Sometimes it's easier to set a fixed price for a particular task or project and whether we go with a set price is something we usually decide together. An example of a 'project' could be setting up a CRM system or designing your website. 


Depending on the task, it can often be simpler to just pay me for a set amount of hours a month. I keep track of my time and will let you know if you're nearing your budget so you don't have to worry about spiralling costs. 

Initial Package

If this is your first time working with a virtual assistant you might have some reservations. Or perhaps you have a massive to-do list and just don't know where to start? 

With this package you have 7 hours of my time, but you only pay for 6! 

Check out my FAQs or if you have a question not listed please email me!

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