You're not unproductive, lacking passion, unorganised or even taking your time to succeed. 

You're just needing some support and a little extra time. 


Whether you have loads of passion about what you're doing, a client list

as long as you're arm, money rolling in and/or plans to expand, one

thing's for sure: the secret to a having a successful business? 

Is a good virtual assistant. 


Introducing Bright Virtual Services: 

A virtual assistant service here to help you sit back, relax and know that

the 'menial' things are being taken care of so you can focus on what is important. Stop looking at the time and wondering how you are going to get everything done. 


This is about delegation. 

Because you've got better things to do, like setting out to do what you first planned:

offering a service/product that outshines the competition. 

And that's where I come in. 


I'm an experienced administrator who can provide a myriad of services to fit your needs. I can do tasks that you don't have time for or that you simply hate doing. Not only that but I can help you move forward. 


I help businesses become: 


VISIBLE - I can help raise your profile using social media, newsletters and publicity

ORGANISED - Let me check your emails and keep your online office in check 

EFFICIENT - I'll process the hell out of your admin making everything run smoothly

COMPETITIVE - Let me research trends and competitors so you can keep up


Bottom line: I'll come in and support you so you can be the best you can be. 


© 2016 by Lianne @ Bright Virtual Services.